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Abhyaasa - According to the Yoga sutras, abhyaasa is essential to the practice of yoga. Abhyaasa encourages you to do your daily sadhana and travel the path of yoga at your own pace. Have you ever wanted to customise your sadhana based on the amount of time you had at your disposal? Did you ever go to a yoga class and loved the teacher's voice and wondered if you could somehow have that teacher lead you every day for your sadhana? Abhyaasa - the app - gives you the possibility to do all this ... and more.People have used Abhyaasa for more than 10,000 hours to do their sadhana. The feedback is overwhelmingly positive!
a. Create sequences which include asana, pranayama, kriya, meditations and chants and store them for reuse.
b. Download instruction sets in your teachers' voice and inspire yourself to be regular with your sadhana
c. Customize your sadhana counts and durations. Go from beginner to expert as you customize the length of your pranayama counts
Based on feedback from users, this version allows
a. Users to start with a yoga practice, the moment you download the app.
b. Ask an art of living teacher to approve them to practice kriya, using just the teacher code
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